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Employee of the Month

A Tool to Award & Recognize Employees

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Set Up Employee of a Month Process Easily

Peero’s Awards is built on a positive peer-to-peer feedback model, and the verdict is in: a staggering 90% employee engagement rate is present almost every single time.

Personalized Interface

Change the Peero desktop or mobile app’s appearance, including the loading page background color, loading page logo, and header background color, so the app matches your company’s branding.

Adaptable Nominations

Nomination scenarios are 100% adaptable
to meet your unique corporate culture, meanwhile ready-made templates are available to glorify the positive habits and characters of your teammates.

Gamification Elements

Peero presents an easy-to-use interface, filled to the brim with thrilling team-building activities, gamification elements, and ways to keep the right mood in the whole Employee of the Month journey.  

Virtual Currency

Virtual nomination badges can be converted into both tangible and non-tangible currency to be easily spent, as a reflection of the skills and effort they poured into growing your empire this month.

Insights to Measure the Mood of Your People

Track your team’s engagement, every reward sent, and activity performance in a single data dashboard to better understand your culture, the impact of your employee awards program, and where you can improve. 

Leader Board

Overview of the leading performers along with each nomination and department rating

Operational Board

Track individual or team's activity rate, log-in, and registration

Behavior Board

Measure quality of nominations sent, engagement and activity

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