Your organization is unique, from the people to the structure. Peero App is here to meet the needs of your organization.

Start with a culture of positive feedback

Peero App provides a simple and brilliant solution to help you build a healthy environment in your company. Invite everyone in your organization to send and receive appreciation messages based on your company values. Use Peero App every day to keep your company’s values alive. Analytics data can identify engagement levels in different departments. The collaboration network will show how your organization communicates internally, and the Unity Index will show how united your employees are.


Culture of Feedback


Easy to use admin panel. Customize visual identity, manage users, set your company targets & values



Use gamification elements to enhance positive feedback through your corporate values

Microsoft Power BI Analytics

  • Trace the overall understanding of your company values
  • Pinpoint your value ambassadors
  • Proactively determine where there is a lack of recognition to further analyze the reasons behind it
  • Analyze your communication network to resolve possible problems in your business processes
  • Find your unity leaders – employees & values who unite your organization to determine your hidden talents and valuable employees
  • Measure the engagement level of your employee feedback culture


Let everyone follow the activity board and additionally recognize exceptional achievements. Share public feedback and promote your value ambassadors.

Recognizing employees is quick and easy. We’ve sought to make the entire experience as uncomplicated as possible, from recognition to reporting.

Multi Language

Build to break the language barriers


MS Teams

Single Sign On

We know how important it is to keep a sign on system secure.

Rest API

Designed to take bigger advantage

Ready to have company culture take off with Peero?