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Rethink performance management

Annual reviews are often a wasted effort. By the time reviews come around, they’re already stale and irrelevant. Using real-time data gathered from peer-to-peer interactions, Peero App allows companies to give feedback at the very moment it matters most. Use it as a 360-degree feedback and performance management system.  Track employee data over time to pinpoint which specific targets are motivating which employees at a particular period.



Easy to use admin panel. Customize visual identity, manage users, set your company targets & values


Self review

Identify not only the achievements but also the mood of the colleagues and the obstacles that affect their work

Microsoft Power BI Analytics

  • Recognize the main motivators for your employees and which business targets might need extra promotion
  • Determine your most valuable players (MVPs)
  • Track employee performance & business target focus in real time
  • Track how the engagement level of your feedback culture changes over time
  • Measure the quality of peer-to-peer feedback at multidimensional level (the employee, department, and organization)


Shine a light on everyone’s contributions. Follow the activity board and recognize exceptional achievements. Share public feedback and promote value ambassadors.

Planning employee development, setting goals, and tracking progress has never been this easy.

Multi Language

Build to break the language barriers


MS Teams

Single Sign On

We know how important it is to keep a sign on system secure.

Rest API

Designed to take bigger advantage

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