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Whether you want to analyze your Microsoft365 meetings, CRM, HR, or other data sources, Peero can help you transform your data into actionable intelligence that can boost your performance and competitiveness.

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Your data is your competitive edge —
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All your data in one place. You’re welcome.

We retain the same development principles across all projects .

Centralization eliminates silos and improves governance

By storing and managing all your data in one place, you can ensure that everyone has access to consistent, complete, and reliable data sets. 

Integration increases efficiency and performance

By connecting and transforming data from multiple sources, you can reduce the time and cost of data preparation and analysis. 

Democratization empowers decision-making and innovation

By making data accessible and understandable to everyone, you can enable data-driven culture and collaboration across your organization.

Peero Analytics Library

From data ingestion to integration, management and reporting. Our technology stack includes Azure services, SQL Server, custom API development, and, of course, Microsoft Power BI for transforming your raw data into actionable insights.

Are you up to get
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Get one of our ready-made dashboards

At Peero Analytics library you will find ready-made dashboards for productivity, sales, HR, and engagement analytics.

Let’s build something together

We are always eager to build something new – contact us if you have an idea of what else you would want to measure.

Peero respects your data...

… so we won’t do anything with it you don’t feel comfortable with. Your data is yours, and we’ll make sure it stays that way. 

Seamless integration

You don’t need weeks of time (or a tech degree) to start using BI tools right now. Connect in minutes and get started in moments.

Peero will be ready when you are.

Peero helps with integration of Microsoft stack data from simple Excel files, to communication data from Outlook, Teams, SharePoint, larger databases, and Microsoft Dynamics 365. Our expertise and experience also includes custom integrations, such as with Odoo, Clockify, Asana, SageHR and other custom solutions. 

Ready to make your data work for you?