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Here starts the employee
well-being strategy

Peero is an easy-to-use recognition platform to acknowledge great work and shape amazing culture. It will quick-start transforming company values into daily behaviors and build a positive work environment.

Increase happiness

A workplace where positive reinforcement and constructive feedback are embraced creates happy employees. They feel valued and supported at work.

Make better decision

Stop guessing when it comes to people's decisions! A single data dashboard lets you measure
your culture, and show where to improve.

Improve retention

A well-set reward and recognition program is a great way to show appreciation to your employees and keep them motivated to stay with the company.

Immerse experience

A culture-led employee experience can transform your performance management systems and inspire your employees to reach their potential.

Inspire to excel

Providing opportunities for employees to learn and recognizing their effort in self-improvement can be the foundation of a learning culture.

People voices matter

Think about the most successful companies on Earth. There’s one common thread: a happy workforce. And with Peero, their voices will be heard every single day.

Feel a sense of reward

Do it with ease and demonstrate

Get meaningful recognition

Do it with ease and demonstrate

Feel a sense of reward

Get meaningful recognition

Seamless integration

Connect Peero in moments with the platforms your team already knows and loves, for use anywhere, anytime, from any device.

Turn feedback into your strongest asset

Was the team manager too harsh in the meeting? Is your team feeling undervalued this week? Your employees feelings change on the daily, and you need a system that taps into feedback just as often. By making Peero a part of your operations, you can listen to every team members feedback every day , implementing suggestions where possible to make them feel valued.

Predict every move
with built-in analytics

Recognize and reward your team – while respecting and reflecting the company’s true values – resulting in retention, motivation, and skyrocketed productivity and overall satisfaction.

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Think visual

Peero visualizes employee engagement across numerous characteristics, turning peer-to-peer engagement data into a crystal-clear course of action through filterable networks

Boost Employee Engagement

Foster Effective Collaboration

Strengthen Team Resilience

For HR leaders

Encourage optimal employee performance by giving managers the visibility they need to focus on remote team development through analytics dashboard and reporting. Whether up close or on the other side of the planet, Peero is always there.

For managers

The most successful companies are those that have the tools they need to thrive – even in the face of change and disruption. With Peero, your management can stay on the pulse of staff emotions and focus, working towards collective organizational goals and building unstoppable momentum.

For employees

We all know that it costs more to replace staff than to keep them. By listening to your team’s valuable daily feedback, you can keep them happy and loyal – while your bottom line suffers less in the long term.

Recognizing employees is quick and easy. We’ve sought to make the entire experience as uncomplicated as possible, from recognition to reporting.

Multi Language

Build to break the language barriers


MS Teams

Single Sign On

We know how important it is to keep a sign on system secure.

Rest API

Designed to take bigger advantage

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