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The Guide to Employee recognition

More Than Just a Product

Everything your business needs in order to achieve a more satisfactory work environment and an improved work culture through innovation powered by workforce data

Predict your next move. Use data. AI.

When recognition reflects the true value of the company, it results in retention, motivation and productivity

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Get rich analytics

Peero helps analyze peer-to-peer engagement data, and provides companies with filterable networks that visualize employee engagement across a variety of characteristics
Employee engagement
Reduce ineffective cooperation
Improve team resilience

For HR Leaders

Get rich insights and make data-based decisions about the team by understanding your most valuable asset - the employees.

For Managers

See the big picture of how your company departments interact and whether they work in a joint team. Notice the growing communication issues and take timely action.

For Employees

Bring company values to life, receive feedback, and discover new communication networks, while embracing the exchange of positive emotions.

Drive your culture forward with technology

Peero recognition app helps to reinforce your company values through meaningful communication

Reduce HR costs, strengthen company culture and increase employee motivation

More than words on a wall…

A simple, but ambitious goal: make employee recognition more rewarding. To orient ourselves in this pursuit, we use Peero core values as a wayfinding tool. We use these values daily to direct our strategy, influence our decision-making, and drive our company culture.

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