R Grupa: closing the virtual gap between employees on the field and in the offices

Peero, fostering engagement across our teams, helped close the virtual gap between employees on the field and in the offices.

The company

R GRUPA, founded in 2002, is one of the leading wood industry companies from Latvia, awarded for implementing innovative and environment-friendly technologies; it cares not only for the environment but also its employees. R GRUPA, which is going to celebrate its 20th birthday this year, employs about 100 people located both on the fields in Latvian forests and ports and in the company’s offices.

The challenge

“Our main challenge was the communication and engagement gap between differently located employees,” says Krišjānis Caune, Head of Marketing in R GRUPA, who also happens to be the main initiator for Peero implementation in the company. “To foster the communication, we implemented a digital newspaper for our employees. It is released monthly and serves as a basis for the company’s news, updates and other important information,” explains Krišjānis. “However, it was not enough. Even though it helped with the communication between employer and the employees, it did not promote internal communication between employees in different locations.”

The solution

Peero, as an easy-to-use, flexible and meantime comprehensive engagement platform seemed to answer all concerns regarding the virtual gap between the employees.

“When I first came to the leadership team with an idea of implementing Peero, there were concerns that field-employees would not use the new technology. It’s typical for Latvians to start every change with a no” smiles Krišjānis. “Now we can proudly say that we were wrong about that.”

After deciding to implement Peero, it was clear that it would do its job only if promoted and used throughout the company: in the leadership team, between office and field workers. “The importance of engaged management could not be enhanced enough”, mentions Krišjānis. In addition, the company decided to share “pine cones” instead of classical Peero coins to make it coherent with the prestigious “Golden Pine Cone” award in the Latvian wood industry.

“Peero has been doing its job exactly as we wanted. The engagement rate now is at 74%, and we are on the way to increasing that. There are different teams and different people who get the most pine cones every month. It promotes equity and equality; we care about that a lot.”

The future plans

Additionally, the company plans to use Peero as a communications tool: “We would like to send happy birthday wishes or other quick information through the notification functionality. We see that it can work very well; employees who are on the field also notice the messages, and it increases work satisfaction.”

To further increase the success of Peero, the company is planning to tie monthly pine cone recognition to the bonuses. “We plan that it will increase the engagement and ensure the continuous motivation for the employees to use the app with a different motivation”, explains Krišjānis.

“As long as we, as an employer, will remain engaging, caring and interesting, employees will stay with us. And people are our greatest asset,” concludes Krišjānis. “Peero helps us to do just that.”

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