MSC Shared Service Center Riga: The Gift Store transformed recognition into a unique and significant experience

MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company is a global leader in container transportation and logistics, a key market player in Latvia. The MSC Family consists of more than 200.000 family members in 155 countries.
The sense of family reflects the way we build, develop and harness positive relationships with our customers. We strongly believe that dedicated personnel resources are the key to our commercial success.
MSC Shared Service Center Riga provides remote business support to MSC’s offices in more than 50 countries and offers opportunities to work in an ever-evolving industry.

MSC Shared Service Center Riga HR Manager Evelina Lesina shared her experience on how Peero is helping to improve communication among employees.


Why Peero?

Peero was introduced in May 2022, and MSC Shared Service Center Riga have been using Peero for two years now. Evelina says that during the work from home period the communication and interaction were rather difficult. Employee appreciation is a fundamental human need. When employees feel appreciated and recognized for their individual contributions, they will be more connected to their work, their team, and the organization as a whole.


Principles of Engagement:

“In our Peero journey, we are fostering communication through various channels, including Teams chat, thoughtfully crafted emails, collaborative team meetings, and our monthly office meetings.” summarizes Evelina.


The Gift of Choice:

Peero Gift Store is the doorway through which accumulated points could be redeemed for an abundance of gifts. The Gift Store transformed recognition into a unique and significant experience by providing various of options, ranging from branded merchandise to custom goods and gift cards.


How Peero helped:

While research on the direct impact of Peero on the organization is yet to be conducted, MSC Shared Service Center Riga has experienced active participation from team leads and managers. The platform has successfully fostered communication and recognition among teams during the two-year period.


Added value:

What we see as benefits of employee recognition:
• Increased productivity and engagement
• Decreased employee turnover
• Greater employee satisfaction and enjoyment of work
• Improved team culture
• Higher loyalty and satisfaction from customers
• Increased retention of quality employees
• Decreased stress and absenteeism



Peero helps to improve the way how MSC Shared Service Center Riga connects and recognizes their team members. Peero is a tool that nurtures a culture of appreciation, bringing MSC family closer together.

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