Empowering SIXT’s Baltics (Transporent Ltd) Unforgettable End-of-Year Celebration

For the last couple of Decembers Transporent Ltd, the franchise partner of SIXT in the Baltics has embarked on an exciting journey with Peero, setting the stage for an extraordinary End-of-Year campaign that has resonated throughout SIXTt’s Baltic offices.

As the driving force behind employee engagement at SIXT, the company saw an opportunity to infuse the company’s values into the daily lives of the pan-Baltic teams.

SIXT HR & Administrative manager Liva Jansone shared her experience on how the End-of-Year campaign with Peero was organized.

The Kick-Off:

“Peero was announced with a kick-off meeting. During the meeting were tested the first feedback and made sure, that everyone could join activity. Communication was done via MS Teams, Peero notifications and e-mails. For extra activity were added internal challenges as weekly notification.”, says Līva.

Communication in the Digital Realm:

SIXT understood the importance of seamless communication. Utilizing MS Teams, Peero notifications, and emails, they created an immersive experience. Internal challenges, delivered through weekly notifications, added a layer of fun to the campaign, turning it into a shared adventure for all.

Principles of Engagement:

Peero became the heartbeat of SIXT end-of-year celebration. Employees received a weekly allowance of coins, transforming the workplace into a vibrant ecosystem of appreciation. Each coin represented a chance to share feedback and express gratitude, fostering collaboration and unity among the diverse pan-Baltic teams.

The Gift of Choice:

Peero Gift Store emerged as the magic portal where earned points could be exchanged for a plethora of gifts. From company services to bespoke merchandise and gift cards tailored for the Baltics, the Gift store offered a world of choices, turning recognition into a personalized and meaningful experience.

Employee of the Year Unveiled:

The pinnacle of the campaign, the coveted “Employee of the Year” title, wasn’t decided by executives behind closed doors. Instead, Peero’s data played a crucial role, ensuring transparency and fairness in recognizing the true driving forces within the organization.

Feedback and Future Endeavors:

Employees reveled in the simplicity and effectiveness of Peero. Līva received heartening feedback about how this initiative transformed the way teams engaged and appreciated one another. As the year drew to a close, SIXT basked in the success of the Peero campaign. Plans are already brewing for future endeavors, building upon the success and camaraderie forged during this memorable campaign.


Peero isn’t just a tool, it is the catalyst that has transformed SIXT workplace into a vibrant community of appreciation. The success of the End-of-Year campaign has set the stage for more adventures with Peero. SIXT journey continues, powered by a shared commitment to recognition, values, and the joy of working together.

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