Ministry of Economy Republic of Latvia: Our goal is to create a positive and motivating work environment

The Ministry of Economy Republic of Latvia is the leading state administrative institution in the field of industry and service policy, business policy, and tourism policy.

The Ministry of Economy Republic of Latvia develops, organizes, and coordinates foreign economic, construction, internal market, innovation development, commercial activity development, competitiveness development, housing, consumer rights protection, privatization, industry, standardization, and tourism policy, as well as the structural policy of the national economy and other policies in the areas defined by regulatory acts.

Our mission:

The Ministry of Economy Republic of Latvia is the leader of positive changes in the Latvian economy and public administration.

Our vision:

The Ministry of Economy Republic of Latvia is the most modern state administrative institution in Latvia.

Our values:

The person is the center of our attention, we respect each other, we are honest and supportive

Professionalism – the result is king, so we are focused on solutions and not on causes

Patriotism – Latvia is the best place to live, grow, and develop, and we are proud of it

Openness – we are about new ideas, opportunities, growth both in words and deeds

Leadership – we are all co-responsible for growth, so we have the courage to shed light on problems and the inspiration to make improvements


Our challenge:

The commitment of the Ministry of Economy Republic of Latvia is to create a lively and dynamic work environment where values are respected and where every employee is involved in the development of the organization. One of the main priorities is to ensure that employees feel that their contributions are valued and that their thoughts and ideas are heard. Our goal is to provide a systematic way to provide regular feedback, thereby encouraging dialogue and engaging employees in organizational development.



When we introduced Peero, we wanted to foster a culture of feedback where the values of the organization are seen and brought to life. This decision is based on the understanding that effective feedback is not only a tool for improving employee performance but also a way to strengthen the overall identity and culture of the organization. This instillation of values provides constant communication and support, which is essential to create a positive and motivating work environment.

By introducing Peero, the Ministry of Economy Republic of Latvia sends a clear signal that it is interested not only in achieving results but also in the growth and well-being of employees. It promotes organizational unity and strengthens the bond between employees and management, creating a common direction of goals and supporting unity in the organization’s operations.


Further plans:

Continuing the integration of Peero, the Ministry of Economy Republic of Latvia plans to:

  1. Extend the use of Peero – evaluate and, if necessary, extend the functionality of Peero with a customized bonus system to better suit the needs of the organization and its employees, driving employee engagement and motivation even further.
  2. Promote Culture and Values – Continue to use Peero as a tool to strengthen organizational culture by promoting openness, honesty, support, and other organizational values in daily work.
  3. Improve communication and feedback mechanisms – Continue to integrate Peero into day-to-day communications to improve internal communication and opportunities for employees to provide feedback on various aspects of the organization, thereby driving continuous improvement.


The implementation of these plans will allow the Ministry of Economy Republic of Latvia not only to achieve its strategic goals but also to promote a positive and supportive work environment in which every employee can feel valued and involved in the development process of the Ministry and the country as a whole.


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