A Guide to Giving Your Employees Suitable Titles

Employees Suitable Titles

Employees deserve to have their milestones recognized. They need respect and appreciation to stay focused. And it’s worth it to give your employees titles and awards to let them know that they’re doing a fantastic job. While you might think that paying employees a certain amount of money is enough to sustain them in the long run, that’s not necessarily true. Certainly, you might have a team of motivated people in your office there to achieve the goals, know that such motivation will fade in the long run if employees don’t get recognized for their efforts—regardless of how disciplined, hardworking and punctual they might be.

Disengaged employees are born when the managers fail to implement proper engagement practices. However, if managers implement proper employee engagement policies, they will ensure that the employees remain motivated and engaged. Added advantages of implementing such policies include reducing employee turnover rates and workplace dissatisfaction, to name a few. There are several ways to practice employee engagement, one of them is to award titles to employees once they complete a challenge or achieve a milestone. In this blog, we’ll look at some of the ways to practice employee engagement. Let’s begin.

Why Employee Award Titles?

As workplaces become more modernized, it’s become increasingly difficult for modern-day employees to have an easy day. The workload has increased and people are required to over exert themselves every day. Moreover, thanks to the increasingly difficult job markets, job security is no longer guaranteed. Surviving and thriving in these hardships means that employees deserve to be appreciated. And giving them award titles can definitely help.

Understanding Employee Award Titles

Employee ward titles are witty, yet quirky terms that employers give to employees who do well in the workplace. The tiles indicate what the employee has achieved and motivates other employees to do better. Moreover, it also helps the employee to stand out and be noticed by their peers. Most rewards are given to people at the end of the month or year, depending on the employer’s policies.

Types of Employee Awards

Here are some types of employee awards that you might consider giving to your employee.

Behaviour Awards

It’s not all about the performance, although that’s certainly an integral part. Employees should be gauged on their performance but their work ethic and behaviour also need to be acknowledged. Employees who are punctual, diligent, and honest need to be recognized for their efforts because they’re productive employees. Moreover, by giving such employees a reward, employers are fostering goodwill within their organization that will allow them to scale newer heights. Here are some examples of behaviour awards you, as an employer, might want to consider:

  1. The Einstein

The title is best suited for employees who think of innovative ideas and help solve problems. Such employees are the think tank of organizations and deserve to be acknowledged for their efforts. Failure to do so might make them feel that they aren’t being noticed and this would prevent them from putting in the effort.

  1. The Team Player

The team player is a title that’s best suited for people who display generosity and integrity towards their colleagues. These are the people who can navigate through conflicts and get along well with everyone. They are also the ones who will lend out a helping hand to members who are struggling. By giving the best team player title to the employee, you are recognizing their strengths and letting other employees know that you value this trait in people.

  1. The Engaging Employee

Employees who are always engaging with their work and remain active also should be acknowledged. These are the people who make others feel comfortable and are dedicated to their work. By giving such employees a reward, you are also showing the team who to look up to if they want to be successful.

  1. The Employee with Perfect Attendance

It’s crucial to be punctual in the workplace. Not much can be accomplished if people don’t show up to work. So, if the employee is showing up regularly and doing the work, it’s best to acknowledge the efforts by giving them some reward, especially if you want other employees to follow suit.

  1. The Social Worker

Some workplaces have people who are very good social workers. They spend most of their free time looking after the less fortunate, volunteering at different places and trying to make the world a better place to live in. Employers should acknowledge these people even if what they’re doing is outside of their working hours. Giving awards to these people shows that the company values their qualities. This award is particularly important if the organization has to give back to the community. It encourages other employees to do the same.

Other awards in this category include

  1. Having a good heart
  2. Having a good presence
  3. The one with the moral compass
  4. Being the hero in a suit
  5. Being the motivator
  6. Being Dumbledore
  7. The game-changer as well
  8. The trend starter
  9. The one with the pure heart

Performance Awards

Performance awards are also important awards and are given to employees based on the efficiency they show in the workplace. Employers give such rewards to employees based on their overall performance. It’s crucial to acknowledge the performance of the employees if you want to create a more holistic workplace culture. By giving such rewards, it’s also one of the best ways to acknowledge the efforts of these employees.

  1. The employee of the Month

This is the reward that recognizes those employees who put in the effort and outperformed their fellow colleagues. This is one of the most common awards and one that almost every employer gives to their employees. It’s crucial to give such awards to these employees to let other employees know what is expected of them.

  1. Improved Performer

While learning and improving is a lifelong process, employers still have to acknowledge people who have done well. Employees learn from their mistakes and improve their skills. And if they have, it’s crucial to point out their efforts by giving them this reward. The title can help other employees to rise above their status and let them know that it’s okay to fail just as long as they learn from their mistakes and do well.

  1. People Who Put in Extra Effort

All employers want their employees to do well and to put in extra effort to ensure maximum productivity. However, it doesn’t happen all the time. In fact, employers should count themselves lucky if it happens at all and they should give such employees rewards. It’s important to let these employees know that their efforts aren’t going unnoticed. Not only would it encourage them, but it would also encourage other employees to do better.

  1. An Overachiever

These are people who don’t give anything less than their best effort. Regardless of how difficult the project is or how tired the individual might be, they still put in the maximum effort. These are candidates who do well in positions of leadership or as managers. Therefore, it’s imperative to recognize their efforts by giving them a reward.

  1. Good Customer Centricity

Employees typically are one of the first people to interact with customers in any organization. Such employees are held responsible for formulating a relationship with clients, keeping them happy and also retaining them. By offering this title to the employee who deserves it, you are showing your employees that you value customers and this will help you retain clients in the long run.

Other awards that you can give in this category include being the

  1. High achiever
  2. The star
  3. The unique employee
  4. The mountain shaker
  5. The iron man
  6. The contributor
  7. The growth charger and
  8. The employee who does it all.
  9. The achiever of the month
  10. The Growth Driver

Tenure Awards

Let’s face it: it’s super difficult for employees to be hardworking and loyal in the work environment we have today. The tenure or service award is given to employees who have been with the organization for a long time. The award helps people to recognize the years of service and shows just how dedicated an employee is to the organization. If you have the budget, feel free to create custom employee service awards for your employees and give it to them on an event. Here are some examples of such awards:

  1. The Marathon Award

A marathon helps to recognize those people who have been slowly running towards the finishing point. You can use this idea and recognize those people who have dedicated a significant amount of time to their organization.

  1. The Stone Pillar

This award is reserved for people who have been with the organization for a long time and have stood with the organization through thick and thin. Such people deserve to be acknowledged and their efforts should never go unnoticed. These are the people who have shown an unwavering loyalty that’s not typically found among people today.

  1. The Constant

These are people who have displayed intense loyalty towards the organization. Although they might have received a couple of job offers over the years, they chose to stick with the company and remain there for a long time. It’s one of the best ways to retain your employees and show them that you care for them.

  1. The Diamond in the Rough

Time and pressure are crucial as they can bring out the best in people. It’s similar to how the diamond works. It’s only when pressure is applied that it becomes the best version of itself. The pressure on employees eventually helps them to reach their full potential and such people deserve to be acknowledged and given rewards that describe their abilities.

  1. The Year-Old Employee

These are people who have worked for you a whole year and deserve some acknowledgement and appreciation. If done right, they are sure to stay here for longer and turn into a constant for you!

If you’re looking for some other awards in the category, feel free to include

  1. The most determined employee
  2. The one with the unparalleled dedication
  3. The let’s grow old together employee
  4. The outstanding service records
  5. The loyal employee
  6. The unmatchable service employee
  7. The one whose service is comparable and
  8. The first-class service records.

Feel free to introduce new and more creative awards if you have dedicated people on your team. It’s important to let these people know that they deserve the best and that you are truly grateful to have them as part of your team. Remember, a little appreciation goes a long way. So don’t hold back.

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