Are your remote workers happy?

Remote Workers Happy

Welcome to the future of work, the corporate world is now more receptive to hybrid working, we believe you should be too. Full-time hours and what we remember as the corporate rat race, with a mild obsession of office space almost feels like a thing of the past. The World Economic Forum is championing workplace flexibility and there’s an appetite for a modern approach to work.

As a result, the culture within companies have shifted and not only does this require a working style modification from what many may have become accustomed to, it’s also important for companies to ensure that presenteeism doesn’t become more valuable than the quality of work being delivered.

Here are 7 ways you can ensure, you are keeping your remote teams happy and engaged even from a distance:

  1. Ensure there is a sophisticated internal communications platform, where up to date information can be shared across the Company.
  2. Provide project opportunities to the teams who are not physically in the office, just as much as the teams who are.
  3. Management should be trained to support their teams in a virtual manner, including how to recognize signs of frustration, even from a distance to empower teams to deliver. We recommend appreciation of work quality as opposed to purely having an emphasis on in-person presence.
  4. Encourage employees’ personal and side projects, giving people the freedom and autonomy that can ultimately encourage innovation within the Company promotes a culture of psychological safety.
  5. Showing gratitude and appreciation will be valued, it’s likely that working remotely isn’t what all employees would have anticipated although they are doing the best they can, therefore acknowledging their efforts through our simple solution Peero will give employees confidence, as they navigate this change to ways of working.
  6. Clarify expectations and goals to ensure that employees are clear on what they are working towards and what success looks like.
  7. Dedicate time to personal 1-2-1 meetings and not just business conversations, this safe space will allow people to share what they may be experiencing outside of work. Get to know your people! Help employees set boundaries and stay within them, it’s very easy for the typical working day to be longer and personal time can be blurred whilst people are working from home.

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