The Peero App Team has developed a new Unity Index based on data that is generated by the active peer-to-peer recognition happening in your company or organization.

The index provides an opportunity for the management of a company or organization to transparently and quickly compare the level of unity between employees or different departments, as well as to assess the compliance of cooperation with the values defined in the company’s or organization’s internal culture and foundations.

OECD – Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development

The Unity Index has been developed taking into account the composite indicator, i.e. several indicators combined into one – the approach determined by the OECD methodology system.

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) is a unique forum that brings together thirty different countries around the world to address economic globalization, social and environmental challenges, helping to understand and anticipate upcoming events and challenges such as corporate governance, economic information and societal development.

The OECD methodology approach is used as a framework for the Peero Unity Index.

PEERO Unity Index

The purpose of this index is to determine the degree of unity at different levels – employee, internal department and company or organization as a whole, quantifying team cooperation networks.

The Peero App Team has looked at four main indicators that best define unity at the employee – or individual – level:

  1. From how many people an employee has received Peeros?
  2. To how many people an employee has sent Peeros?
  3. What is the size of the employee’s communications network?
  4. With how many departments an employee has exchanged Peeros?

In order to objectively determine the Unity Index, the calculation of the index is based on the information provided by the cooperation networks, not the amount of Peero received or sent. The calculation of the above four key indicators is compared with the average of the total employees or interdepartmental units of the company or organization, thus obtaining the Peero Unity Index!

The Unity Index is useful for company or organization management and HR professionals to pinpoint the most significant and valuable assets to your team, as well as the values which are the most prominent among colleagues in the company or organization.

[1] Handbook on constructing composite indicators: methodology and user guide.

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