Just like a mission and a vision, values are the basis of an organization’s management and development – we can call them an organization’s DNA – which justifies the importance of their existence. Undoubtedly, values are part of the organizational culture and image of an employer, which determines employee behaviour, attitude and experience both towards their job responsibilities and other stakeholders – customers and business partners.

Employee and employer match

In order for an organization to attract and retain professionals and talents, the values of the organization are very important. For a job seeker, organizational values are important to be able to assess compatibility (or a match) with a particular organization, while for employees already working – they are a source of inspiration and a guide to do one’s job more successfully.

When applying for a job, it is important for many candidates what the culture, internal communication and leadership of this organization is, which are illuminated by the values of the organization. Candidates do thorough research on the Internet, looking at the organisation’s website and social networks, and asking personal contacts to understand what the company or organization is like. The essence is that both the employer and the potential employee look for a match.

The importance of an organization’s value and internal culture in the selection of employees is most accurately reflected in the concept of recruiting for cultural and value fit – organizations look for employees whose values and beliefs are in line with what’s accepted in the organization itself. For example, there are two similar final candidates with relevant skills and experience, but the employer has to decide which one to hire. Compatibility with the organization, its environment and internal culture, as well as its values, is crucial here.

Value and culture compatibility is essential in the selection of candidates for almost any job, and especially when looking for a high-level manager or specialist. This is an additional element of evaluation that is actively used in the selection of employees in the organization.

See the connection between the company’s values and development

This is already the tenth anniversary when CV-Online Latvia is creating a selection of the best and most coveted employers in Latvia. Admittedly, there is a correlation – at the very top of employers are companies that care about such things as reputation, employer image and recognition of the brand. These are companies that have defined their values that are reflected in external communications, including job advertisements. We can also observe that the most satisfied employees are in the companies that actively pass on the values of their company to employees, taking care of the company’s internal culture. Top employer statistics show that around 60% of all voting respondents are current employees of companies. We can conclude that employees with a sense of the company’s value and mission are more motivated and involved, as well as participate in various processes and are the best messengers of the company’s values. Naturally, companies with an important value aspect and a strong internal culture are at the top of the list. Company values directly help to improve internal communications and strengthen the company culture, they also improve the overall motivation, spirit and involvement of the team.

It is important for the company to see and understand the connection between the company’s values and development. The performance and results of employees, as well as employee turnover are directly affected by the existence and presence of company values. If employees understand the values passed on to them, it makes their work more meaningful, efficient and improves their performance.

In my opinion, it is extremely important for large companies that are currently at the top, to share their success stories, thus encouraging small and medium-sized enterprises to understand the importance of company values in business development.

A value is liability to one’s employees

This is a difficult time for many of us – many are looking for a job, it is not easy for employers either. Job seekers highly value employers whose organizational culture is based primarily on dignity, responsibility and development. Right now, the company’s responsibility to its employees is extremely important – involvement, motivation and support, embodied in the organization’s internal culture.

A top employer survey shows that the main reason why an employee in all age groups wants to work in a particular company, is working conditions – wages, social guarantees and other benefits. However, components of the employer’s image, such as the work environment and the opportunity to develop, are gaining a bigger importance. Skills are changing and demand is changing alongside. Employees value employers that can provide the opportunity for development. Raising the qualification of employees, as well as retraining, is more important than ever.

It’s a good time to build a strong team

Employees are the basis of all company development. This is a very good time for companies to build good and stable teams, because in general, human resources are a bit more available now than they were just a year ago.

For those companies that have not yet done their homework, this is the time to do it – develop and implement organizational values, as well as strengthen the internal organizational culture, which will help achieve business goals.

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