FN-SERVISS Employee Engagement Experience

The company

FN-SERVISS has been a pioneer in providing fire safety and occupational safety services in Latvia and the Baltics since 2002. With a mission to promote safety in companies, homes, and society, FN-SERVISS has consistently improved the level of service in the market and sphere of the security industry. Their introduction of successful innovations has contributed to a more comfortable daily life for their customers. Currently, the company employs more than one hundred field professionals.

Here is what Kristaps Berķis, the chairman of FN-SERVISS board says about the challenge, the solution and the future of positive feedback in their company:

The challenge

“It was important to us to provide employees with the opportunity to express and receive appreciation for accuracy, availability, and professionalism, which are the values of the company. According to these values, the company organizes its daily activities. FN-SERVISS realized that Peero is a tool that will help bring these values to life in small daily work and make employees think about their work and peers through these values. It was also important to promote inter-departmental communication and positive mutual cooperation.”

The solution

“Peero is a great tool to solve this challenge. It was important for FN-SERVISS to choose the denominations of the size of “thank you” and the reasons behind for expressing this “thank you”. Peero provides detailed analytics that helps engage people and reward the best employees and departments, both by category and for collaboration. For several years, Peero has been a part of the company’s daily life, which gives them positive emotions and helps them appreciate each other.”

The future

“Our goal is to continue promoting the use of Peero with various new internal activities, competitions, and awards. The company aims to ensure that all employees get involved and share positive feedback with each other. They actively follow the experiences of other companies in promoting well-being, regularly communicate with employees, show results and say “thank you” for the best.”

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