How to improve your Employee of the Month program? Five tips for doing it bold and fun!

Employee of the Month program

There are many different ways to make employees feel valued and appreciated; the puzzle of employee recognition consists of many pieces. Different approaches should be used in different organisations, and only you know which one will fit your people best. This article will speak about one well-known and widely used recognition program – Employee of the Month. It is easily adjustable to fit almost every organisation, but make sure you do it the right way: in a fun, engaging, and rewarding way to your people. Here are five tips that will help you to achieve just that.

1. Creativity in nominations

The Employee of the Month nominations are nowhere near being a fresh concept; quite the contrary – they have been around for a very long time, so it is no wonder that the idea feels a bit worn out and, must say, even dull. Naturally, people are not keen to engage in yet another voting for the Employee of the month. Besides, often one can predict who exactly is going to be a winner, again. Some people naturally make it to the spotlight thanks to their outgoing personalities, while those, perhaps a bit more introverted, might never get noticed in a typical award ceremony. However, employees should feel equal and equally seen for the organisation to function successfully.

By inventing creative nominations, you will increase employee engagement and promote equity by giving everyone a chance to be recognised and awarded. Use creativity in your nominations to find your organisation’s unique people and their talents. Recognised employees are proved to increase their productivity, win-win!

2. Communication involving management

Communication, communication, communication. It could not be enhanced enough. Some organisations have great reward programs, offers for their employees, and processes to make their working life smoother. The only problem is – no one (except the HR team) is aware of them. For the employees to be informed, you must talk to them.

Moreover, not just talk, but speak your employee’s language and communicate targeting their interests. Make it clear what’s in it for them? For their colleagues? How will this program build a better working environment?

Not to mention, every change, every process and program in the organisation begins with the management. If the management and team leads won’t get actively involved and start promoting, employees will stay passive. The organisation is what its leaders are. So be transparent, engaging and fair. And make sure your leaders are too.

3. Use Modern Tool for your updated award process

One simple rule applies to many different areas of our lives – if one wants people to do something, one has to make it smooth and easy for them. For example, we could not tell how many times in our customer meetings we have heard a sentence (and we are sure you will nod reading this): “We have a tool x, but it is so complicated and user un-friendly that no one wants to use it”. Sounds familiar?

The world is evolving rapidly, and people are changing their habits accordingly. Thereby, make sure that your processes coincide with the year we live in. A wonderful equation is useful to embed in one’s mind: “OP + NS = EOP (old processes + new system = expensive old processes)”. Luckily, we can help you break it, get in touch and see for yourself.

4. Award bold to gain motivation

Sometimes it is enough to say, “thank you, you have done a great job”. But let’s be fair, a tangible “thank you” works even better. It can be a monthly or yearly award and surely should fit your organisation’s values and goals. Whatever you choose, remember that recognised employees increase their productivity, reward your employees, and they will reward you!

5. Data Analytics of interaction and engagement

On top of increased engagement, productivity and overall happiness of your employees (which is already an outstanding achievement), with the help of the Peero app, you also get to see what is happening behind the spotlight. Dig into comprehensive analytics to find out everything about the engagement and recognition of your employees. Which of the employees engage with colleagues beyond their teams? Which ones are more introverted and stay in their inner circles? Who are those who take care of the small things (which actually make a big difference)?

With the help of an analytics tool, you can discover the true mechanisms of your organisation and reward their actual value.

Now, ready to get it going? Good. Reward your people, they deserve it.


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