Engaged Employees

The reoccurring opinion within organisations, is success is driven by clients. Yes, this statement has truth to it, although an essential part of any Company’s success and what we call the perfect recipe is having highly engaged employees to drive the business forward. There is a significant difference in the value and quality of output from employees who are invested, motivated, and authentically care as opposed to employees who are disengaged.

Establishing a work culture that fosters a community of motivated employees will increase the quality of their work and therefore the profitability of the business. Studies show there is a connection between the two, a highly engaged employee community are much more likely to go above and beyond due to the fact they are willingly invested in their role accountability and in turn wanting the organisation to perform well. Although in comparison, an employee who isn’t engaged may only deliver mediocre work without consideration of the negative impact.

There are ways in which an organisation can promote a culture of motivated employees through competitive benefits accommodating individual needs, management training, empathetic leadership and by providing psychological safety. There are also smart tech analytic methods in which an organisation can decipher the engagement levels amongst employees, by carrying out surveys using a technology called Peero, this allows HR departments and stakeholders to make the most of analytics for informed engagement strategies.

Motivated employees are very valuable, they are more likely to stay within the business for longer periods and practice loyalty because they are invested in seeing long-term success. Actively creating a culture that promotes open communication, inclusivity, innovation through psychological safety and trust are some of the ways in which an organisation that is missing a core community of motivated employees can strive towards. We can support you with strategically assessing the level of motivation amongst the employee community within your organisation and provide a bespoke method to help you create a culture of engagement, contact us today for a bespoke quote.

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