Have you invested in HR tech to drive a high-performing workforce?

HR Tech to Drive a High-Performing Workforce

Farewell to the days where a Human Resource team were purely regarded as the personnel and policies department. We often find that HR technology has an emphasis on HR only, and minimal emphasis on the value that can be delivered to the Company, especially through times of change but that is where Peero comes in.

In order to have a high value and high impact HR tech investment, we believe three components are essential:

  1. Technology that has an emphasis on the employee experience
  2. Technology that provides insights and bespoke data
  3. Integrated platforms for success

If there is an investment into technology that doesn’t cater to the strategic HR goals or the Company mission, the business may just end up with a solution that doesn’t resolve the needs and therefore stakeholder investment will be challenging.

Here at Peero we can make life easy and simple, we utilize Microsoft Power BI Analytics to strategically review how the engagement level of your recognition culture changes over time, the App is catered and personal to what your Company uniquely needs and there are easy to use integration functionalities that will make connecting technology, with your employees exciting. We also make the most of gamification to entice employees to be immersed, this is where the experience and emotional connection is propelled.

There is a common opinion that as a company grows, new employees should be hired to drive the business forward. Whilst new resources may be needed investment into the current employees should not be overlooked, employee experience technology puts the ‘human’ into HR, as it encapsulates the needs of individuals and promotes retention too. Technology like Peero provides management with the tools to support their team proactively, in real-time. Automation and technology allow HR teams to be Leaders and role models, as opposed to being a follower or working in a reactive manner. 21st Century HR teams and professionals are approaching a crossroad, to either embrace and learn how to maximise the potential of HR systems or to constantly feel like they are in a cycle of catching up. HR, People & Culture are championed to no longer take a modest seat, HR teams are in the position to lead organizational transformation and at Peero we are proud to be a leader in modern HR technology solutions to drive success.

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