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With Peero engagement is high, communication is easy, values are lived, and great work is noticed. We make sure every achievement is recognized – wherever your workspace might be.

Discover how 100s of businesses use Peero

to recognize effort, wins and true teamwork

Microsoft Teams Integration

Integrate recognition in your place of work. Share positive feedback, receive company-wide notifications and learn about your organization’s values without interruptions.

Mobile App

Positive peer-to-peer feedback is not a luxury reserved only for those who are working in an office. Mobile app, available in iOS and Android, makes sure that deskless workforce can fully engage in organization’s culture.

Desktop in Browser

Desktop platform that’s available to everyone ensures that you can integrate Peero in your existing intranet or main people portal of the organization. Customize the look and functions of Peero to truly become a part of your positive communication channel.

Introduce meaningful rewards

With Peero Gift store you decide on the rewards your peers can exchange for their positive feedback points. Create the full cycle of recognition and rewarding!

Meaningful rewarding

Reward people not because it’s a trend, but because they really deserve it. From the points they receive together with the positive peer feedback, they can choose the reward they want and need!

Customized gifts

Let your peers embrace the company swag or enjoy creative gift ideas that do not necessarily make a dent in organizations budget. Gifts like lunch with CEO or individual office space for a week will sure make people interested!

Perks that matter

The best gift you can offer to your employees is the one that they can choose themselves. Peero Gift store allows you to tailor an offer that is unique to your organization.

Reveal the patterns of your communication, engagement and values, and take action!

The organic data that is generated from a simple positive feedback provides you with insights you wouldn’t be able to get any other way. 

Visual tools for data
based decisions

Peero visualizes employee engagement across numerous characteristics, turning peer-to-peer engagement data into a crystal-clear course of action through filterable networks

Boost Employee Engagement

Foster Effective Collaboration

Strengthen Values

For HR leaders

Encourage optimal employee performance by giving managers the visibility they need to focus on remote team development through analytics dashboard and reporting. Whether up close or on the other side of the planet, Peero is always there.

For managers

The most successful companies are those that have the tools they need to thrive – even in the face of change and disruption. With Peero, your management can stay on the pulse of staff emotions and focus, working towards collective organizational goals and building unstoppable momentum.

For employees

We all know that it costs more to replace staff than to keep them. By listening to your team’s valuable daily feedback, you can keep them happy and loyal – while your bottom line suffers less in the long term.


transformed into positive energy

Cultivate a collaborative work environment by empowering employees to exchange positive feedback aligned with company values, fostering teamwork and a supportive culture.
Boost engagement by giving your peers a place where they can openly recognize and appreciate each other's contributions, leading to increased motivation and a stronger sense of belonging.
Encourage active employee participation by implementing a points-based system that rewards employees for their positive feedback, driving ongoing engagement and a culture of recognition.
Demonstrate appreciation for your employees' exceptional efforts by offering a range of meaningful rewards in the Peero Gift Shop, showcasing your commitment to valuing and celebrating their contributions.
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Recognizing employees is quick and easy. We’ve sought to make the entire experience as uncomplicated as possible, from recognition to reporting.

Your Language

Built to break the language barriers, Peero supports quick localization to a language of your choosing


Chatbot, instant notifications in Microsoft Teams

Single Sign On

We know how important it is to keep a sign-on system secure

Rest API

Designed to take bigger advantage and bringing Peero to the place where people actually work

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