Each company has its own values, even if they are not defined. Values “are”, and each has their own. Deep in our hearts, we each act according to our values, as we do in the workplace. They give a deeper meaning – they promote a sense of belonging to the company, motivate and involve employees. Defined values encourage us to look at things differently, namely, in the context of the company’s activities, goals. In order to achieve goals with existing resources and in the best possible quality, it is extremely important for a company to define and act in accordance with its values.

In our company, values are defined, and are clearly understood by everyone. If I witness activities that are contrary to our values, I can always remind: “Listen, you know that we are making an effort to do things differently! This is not in line with our values, why are you doing it? ” It is a mutual agreement between the company and its employees, when we commit to nurture, to cherish, to respect and to live in accordance with our values. Such an agreement is much deeper, and more profound than an employment relationship, namely an employment contract.

If values are true and they live in everyone, then they are real. They will work, they will come to life in their daily routine, but they also need small everyday events and tools to refresh them from time to time. Nevertheless, if the integration or maintenance of values in the company causes great difficulties, it indicates that the right values have not been determined or employees do not understand them. In order to bring the values to life, it is necessary to explain them to every employee, but most importantly – the company manager is the main messenger of the company’s values, who notices them, integrates them into the company’s daily life, as well as helps his employees see them.

The “Olympic Stars”* are a great tool we use to communicate internally and strengthen our company’s values. The app helps employees to see and recognize these values in their personal experiences at various daily events. It is through seemingly everyday small deeds and events that our values come to life more and more. Saying “thank you” in a helpful-playful manner helps keep the company’s values alive day in and day out. If there is no activity in any aspect – then something is not working. It was important for me to use the “Olympic Stars” as a tool to make sure that all five values of our company are relevant and understood. After some time analyzing the data, we conclude that the company’s value team is extremely active, alive and is owned by this house, while values such as honesty and responsibility still need to be explained, and examples need to be made to clear up any confusion.

“Olympic Stars” is a simple tool that is used to make the little things in our daily routines more noticeable – the value of all of our work together.


*Recognition technology PEERO, adapted for the needs of SIA “Olimpiskais sporta centrs”.

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