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Join Us in a live webinar where we will share our experience and get you some creative ideas on how to better implement Performance Management in daily workflow and what business benefits you can get out of it!

Performance management reimagined: holistic evaluation with peer-to-peer feedback.

It’s time to transform a usually painful process – annual or quarterly performance reviews – into something engaging, easy-to-do and most importantly – meaningful. With the simple act of your peers recognizing each other’s work, your organization will not only grow positive feedback culture, but also seamlessly implement continuous performance management. Peero Performance as a platform creates a new medium for more reliable information on how well your peers are performing. Now everyone, not only HR or managers, can be involved in the process, creating a more holistic approach in employee evaluation. And the best part – everyone involved in the process can track their information at any given moment, and the process never stops. Track your own or your teams performance instantaneously – just like a smartwatch for your work!

During this webinar we will:

  • discuss the current approaches of performance management and their pros and cons;
  • touch upon the importance of regular peer-to-peer feedback;
  • get inspired by real-life examples of using peer-to-peer feedback in performance management;
  • discover Peero Performance – a tool for continuous performance management.
Unda Paula Rīsmane
Digital transformation ambassador, Peero App

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